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US Patent No 11,026,692 ; Awarded to Elbe Valley Medical

8th June 2021

US Patent No 11,026,692 ; Device and System for Restricting Fluid Flow in Physiological Vessels was awarded to Elbe Valley Medical for devices and methods for embolizing tissue at the level of blood capillaries The purpose of this patent is to provide a roadmap for the treatment of all types of cancers (starting with large untreatable tumours and then working backwards to smaller ones). This patent roadmap contains three major components all invented by our founder Rob Reynolds.

  1. Microrobotic devices around the size of red blood cells that can block blood flow in the target tissue.

  2. A self correcting Radio Frequency Interferometer system to enable microbots (and other devices) to measure their position in a human body with micron level precision.

  3. A 3D Ultrasonic Imaging System relying on the first two technologies above which would provide high contrast imaging via the usage of digital synthetic aperture order selection. This is an entirely new approach to medical imaging which would negate the need for exposing patients to ionising radiation and would also allow a patient to move around freely during a scan.

We are delighted to have this breakthrough technology recognised as being novel and we look forward to progressing this therapy forward into the clinic as soon as possible.

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