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Our Technology

In Elbe Valley Medical, we believe minimally invasive therapy for any illness is the foundation of hope & good health for vibrant lives. That's why our aim is to develop the best non-invasive and low-cost treatment for life-threatening diseases like late stage cancers & solid tumors, for people of every age & stage in life without compromising their quality of life.


Our therapy is based on MEMS technology for non-invasively treating various critical conditions such as solid tumors or cancers. In our therapy, tiny intelligent micro-nanobots (MEMS device) flow in the bloodstream to diagnose and treat solid tumors. These untethered micro-nanobots are activated using external radio frequency energy source to cause occlusion on the blood capillaries level within the tissue of interest. Such targeted activation saves the rest of the body from any side-effects. Occlusion of tumor blood capillaries will prevent red blood cells from accessing unhealthy tissue causing an increase of hypoxia in tumor and ultimately collapse of the tumor.

Ultrasonic Tomography

RF Interferometry System

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